Timex Marathon WR50m Watch Review

Timex is a well known brand for providing the world with classic sports watches for a long time. The brand is famous for manufacturing watches of timeless designs fulfilling the needs of all types of customers. Marathon series of Timex is one of the quality watch series as manufactured by the brand. The stylish design, light in weight, indiglo light and a number of features are the highlights of this series and reason of popularity.

Design Details of Timex Marathon WR50m Watch


Marathon Timex series features resin in its complete construction from strap to dial. Resin material is a highly durable material that makes Marathon series a timepiece to be run for a long time. Additionally this material is so light in weight that you do not feel if you are carrying a watch on your wrist.

Description of Timex Marathon WR50m Watch

The midsized marathon watch has a round dial with digital display and pushers for different settings on the side. The digital dial face is surrounded by glossy silver resin casing with the touch of same colored panels on both sides as of the color of the band. The dial face is divided in two parts with a horizontal line; date and day is displayed above line wile time is shown under the line. Dial has pushers on both sides to set alarm. Start/stop stop watch and switch between different modes of the watch. The resin band ends at a buckle and pin closure that ensures a tight grip of the watch around the wrist and fits in wrists of different sizes easily.

Features of Timex Marathon WR50m Watch

Chronograph and Indiglo Light

Marathon watch is specifically designed by Timex to be served as a chronograph to run in the marathon of the life. The watch works as a 24 hour stopwatch. The stopwatch function of the watch is chosen by the mode pusher on the left and is set to desired time with start/stop button. Set pusher serves as reset button in case of stopwatch function of thus watch.

The watch has the features of light to use the watch in the dark. This handy feature of the watch can be activated with bottom right pusher that enables the light for few seconds to see the dial face of the watch.

Alarm and Time Zone Settings

Timex Marathon watch has settings for alarm and time zones. The alarm function can be chosen and set with the help of the pushers on the both sides of the dial case. Mode pusher helps in choosing alarm function while start/stop and set pushers are used to set the alarm to specific time.

The watch accommodates its user with dual time zone options. You can set two different time zones on the watch that can be switched by using mode button on the side of the dial. You can define preferences to display time zone as primary or secondary as you desire.

Timex Marathon WR50m Watch Review

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Reliability of Time

Timex has focused on making the time right for its customers of Marathon using Quartz movement as its base. Quartz movement promises a high level of accuracy in time that helps in winning the faith of the customers on the brand.

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Timex Marathon WR50m Watch Review
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