What Are Prices of 18 Karat Gold Plated Watches in United States

18K gold plated watches means that these watches have a gold coating that is 75% pure. These watches can be found easily in USA on desirable prices. The price of the watch is determined on the basis of the quality of the gold plating and the features of the watch and the last but not least the brand name associated to it. You may also want to know that how much does it cost to gold plate an Apple Watch.

Prices of Different Branded 18 Karat Gold Plated Watches in USA

Invicta 18K Gold Plated Watches Prices

Invicta has made its name in watch industry as one of the highly inspirational watch manufacturers in today world. The impressive designs and incomparable stature of Invicta watches made these watches a desired option for both men and women. You can find an Invicta 18K gold plated watch at a price as low as 50$ and as high as 1000$ depending upon the features it carries.

Checkout Invicta Men’s 90242-003 Invicta I 18k Gold-Plated Stainless Steel Watch with Black Leather Band

Citizen 18K Gold Plated Watches Prices in USA

Citizen has given the watch making a new trend. 18K gold plated watches of Citizen are most favourite watches among men and women. The features added to the watches have made these gold plated watches more than a timepiece. A stylish, elegant and multipurpose Citizen 18K gold plated watch can be easily found within the range of 100$ to 1000$.

Citizen watches are one of the expensive watches in USA. The reason of high prices of citizen gold plated watch is the excellent finishing and style with tradition. Citizen uses complex movement while manufacturing watches that also causes high cost of watch. The goodwill of the company also increases the prices of gold plated watches. Checkout top 3 Citizen gold plated watches for men.

Geneva 18K Gold Plated Watches USA Prices

Those who wish to have a classic watch meeting all of the standards of current time fashion but in a low price, Geneva watches are the best option for them. A Geneva gold plated watch can easily be found in 10$ in USA. Low in price does not mean that these watches are also low in quality or function.

Recommended Geneva Women Gold Plated Watch

Price Range of Rotary 18K Gold Plated Watches in USA

The Rotary 18K gold plated collection shows the company’s reputation as a supplier of high quality and graceful watches. The classic designs with modern features of the watches of Rotary compliment the desire of every man and woman. A price range between 50$ to 100$ also makes these timepieces a considerable choice.

Checkout Recommended Rotary Women Gold Plated Watch

Nixon 18K Gold Plated Watches Prices in United States

18K gold plated watches under $500 with style, elegance and all desired features is the trait of Nixon 18K Gold plated watches. Nixon watches are liked by a large audience due to their features and style.

Nixon Chrono Gold Plated Watch Price

Peugeot 18K Gold Plated Watches in USA Market

Peugeot is an American brand that has been manufacturing luxurious, handcrafted and solid gold watches since 1957. Peugeot has translated fashion trends into watch industry that attracts the customers due to style and price of the watches. Peugeot watches are highly affordable within a range of 50$ to 500$.

Peugeot Men’s Gold Plated Watch Price

Cost of Tommy Hilfiger 18K Gold Plated Watches

Tommy Hilfiger gold plated watches are the modern smartest timepieces combining fashion with functions. Either you are looking for an interminable timepiece or sophisticated leather watches, durable sports watches or luxury one Tommy Hilfiger has a timepiece for everyone. A broad range of watches are available on Amazon ranging from 50$ to 200$.

Recommended Women Casual Sports Tommy Hilgifer 18K Watch

Hugo Boss 18K Gold Plated Watches Prices

An internationally known brand for manufacturing high quality fashion products for tasteful customers. Hugo Boss watches are distinctive in style and innovative in design with a variety of technical features from water resistance to chronograph. A stylish Hugo Boss 18K gold plated watch can be easily found in the budget of 200$.

Hugo Boss 1513496 Brown 44mm Rose Gold plated Stainless Steel Navigator Men’s Watch

Prices of Michael Kors 18K Gold Plated Watches in USA

Michael Kors is entertaining the world with its exotic range of timepieces. The 18K gold plated watches of Michael Kors are timeless elegant watches that compliment every moment of both men and women. The prices of Michael Kors 18K gold plated watches lie between 100$ and 500$.

My Recommended Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch


How Much For Longines 18K Gold Plated Watches in USA

Longines watches are a blend of tradition, elegance and performance. The core value of Longines watches is timeless elegance and perfect choice for those who demand excellence with fine Swiss watch making. This is the reason the Longines watches are expensive ranging up to 8000$. Longines gold plated watches are so expensive as these are well finished and high quality watches. You definitely get what you pay for when you buy a Longines watch.

Longines La Grande Classique White Dial Yellow Gold Plated Unisex Watch L4.709.2.11.8

What Are Prices of 18 Karat Gold Plated Watches in United States
Article Name
What Are Prices of 18 Karat Gold Plated Watches in United States
18K gold plated watches in USA can be purchased within $50-$400+. Price really depends on the brand, quality and functions of the watch. In this article I have reviewed some top brands that sell 18K gold plated watches. You can get estimate of prices too.

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