Are Geneva Watches Good?

Since 1974 Geneva watches group has been manufacturing timepieces for the class of society who knows the real importance of time and timepiece. Geneva is a leading watch brand with respect to design, build and quality timepieces. The brand follows all of the prevailing trends while designing watches to keep pace with the modern world. Geneva is committed to provide the world with its collections to complement the look of individuals.

Why Prefer Geneva Watches

1- Affordable

The main reason of popularity of watches of this brand is its incredibly affordable prices. One can find a wide range of Geneva Watches fit in budget. This quality is especially beneficial for those who love to own a different timepiece for different occasions and dress style.

2- High Reliability

Geneva Watches has maintained goodwill in the watch market that is the reason the reliability of these watches is out of question. People rely on the brand as the timepieces of these brands accompany the owner for long.

3- Watch For Everyone

Geneva brand has something for everyone. What you have in your mind Geneva has in its store. A separate timepiece is in the collection of Geneva for every person either man or woman, young or grown, simple or trendy, party lover or office going, fashion lover or sporty.

Variety of Styles

Geneva offers a wide range of watches with different styles trends. Geneva follows all of the fashion trends while designing the build of its timepieces. The watches of this brand deal in a variety of band material, dial styles, watch features and even watch tones.

Are Geneva Watches Real Gold?

Geneva has a great variety of watches from simple stainless steel to gold and even gold plated watches. Whatever the material of watch is the quality is not compromised. Today the watch is not only a timepiece but a style statement thus watch lovers demand a variety in styles, features and even tones of the watch but in the price best fitted in their budget. Geneva keeps in mind all these factors and provides a variety of timepieces.

Geneva deals in both gold and gold plated watches on the demand of the public. Gold plated watches have stainless steel in its construction that is plated in gold, white gold and rose gold tone. These watches are low in price as compared to Geneva gold watches that have genuine gold in their built.

Examples of Gold Plated Geneva Watches

Bling Jewelry Classic Round CZ Watch and Hip Hop Iced Out CZ Studded Watch are the example of Geneva Gold plated watches.

Geneva Gold Watches

Some of good Geneva gold watches are:

1- Geneva Women’s 2365-silver-GEN Stainless Steel Boyfriend Watch

Geneva boyfriend watch is an oversized watch with silver feminine bezel and sporty large dial. Wide band makes it easy to carry timepiece while seconds hand ensures high précised time. This stylish watch is a definitely one of the must have watches for lady on the go who knows the worth of time.

Features of the Watch

  • Silver stainless steel solid watch
  • Big round dial with three decorative sub dials
  • Silver toned alternate numeric and bar shaped hour marks
  • Silver luminous three hands for analog display of hours, seconds and minutes
  • Linked metallic band with double push clasp
  • Two push button crowns to adjust sub dials
  • Central crown to adjust time
  • Reliable quartz movement

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2- Geneva Women Gold Gen Oversized Watch

3- Geneva Gold Automatic Classic Watch

Are Geneva Watches Good?
Article Name
Are Geneva Watches Good?
Geneva is a leading watch brand with respect to design, build and quality timepieces. The brand follows all of the prevailing trends while designing watches to keep pace with the modern world.

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