Review of Longines Gold Plated Men’s Watches

Longines is the market leader and is producing the best timepieces. It is a luxury watch brand, which was established 184 years ago. The Longines is based in Switzerland and owned by the Swatch Company. The Swiss watches are of exceptional quality and cost a lot more than the other watches. It has close ties with the sports with a significant relationship with tennis, skiing, gymnastics and basketball.

The Swatch Company also manufactures Omega watches. The expert crafted watches by Longines have embarked on a long journey since they were introduced to the world in 1830’s. Extraordinary craftsmanship with a niche to constant improvement has made it the winner of ten Grand Prix. It has won several accolades in different parts of the world.

The old watches from Longines are considered as a classic and sold at an expensive rate.

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Why Longines Gold Plated Watches Are So Popular?

There is a whole list of luxury watches available out there. We have the options to choose from Tag Heuer, Tissot, Movado, Baum and Mercier and the list goes on. When it comes to Longines, it is a true classic watch. The Swiss made watches from Longines have a vintage appeal and they are less expensive than the likes of Tag Heuer and Omega, and still a luxurious brand. The basic models are available in less than $2000, which is the starting price of other luxury brands.

Image of Longines La Grande Classique Mens Gold Plated Watch L47092112

Checkout Longines La Grande Gold Plated Classique Mens Watch L47092112 – Price: Less than $1000 – Image Credit:

Price Range of Longines Gold Plated Men’s Watches

The timepieces by Longines are on the higher end of prices. It is luxury brand, with price range of above $560 going up to $10,500 for the most luxurious pieces. The gem encrusted and gold plated watches are the most expensive ones.

Time Is Pricey, When You Want Longines

It is a normal approach to pricing that the old vintage made products cost higher than the recent made products. It holds true in case of the Longines brand of luxury watches. They are crafted perfectly and have a history of more than 180 years. The parts are guaranteed and their participation in the sports has earned them an unmatched fame. The technical innovations enabled them to win the title of “leading prize winner” at International Exhibition at Barcelona in 1929. There should not be any questions regarding the expensive range by this company anymore.

Gold Plated Luxury

The name “gold” is synonymous with luxury. The yellow metal is present in the valuable jewelry and has a rich history throughout the world. The elites prefer to show their wealth by investing in this expensive metal. Gold coins were considered as the most expensive form of money. The gold-plated jewelry pieces are a sign of wealth, and having watches of this type also portrays the image of a rich person. Longines has a range of gold plated luxury watches, some of which are encrusted with diamonds and other precious stones. Prepare to stand out in the crowd by wearing the exclusive gold plated watches by Longines.

Longines La Grande Classique White Dial Yellow Gold Plated Watch

Front View Image of Longines La Grande Gold Plated Classique Mens Watch L47092112

Front View of Longines La Grande Gold Plated Classique Mens Watch L47092112

Longines produces a range of luxury watches and one of them is Classique. It has a blend of gold plated bracelets and leather strapped designs. The one we are going to review is a Longines Gold Plated L47092112 Watch with white dials.

Specifications of Longines La Grande Classique L47092112 Gold Plated Mens Watch

  • Round design
  • 18k gold plated band
  • Yellow gold color
  • Sapphire glass
  • White Dial with black markers. Roman numerals with hour separation
  • Water-resistant depth 30 meters
  • Bracelet style
  • 18k gold plated fixed Bezel
  • Quartz movement
  • Analog display
  • Classic, vintage and elegant design
  • Standard size

Features of Longines La Grande Classique L47092112 Gold Plated Mens Watch

The luxury brand Longines Gold Plated L47092112 Watch has extraordinary features, some of them are mentioned below:

A True Classic

You seldom go wrong with the classic designs of almost everything. When it comes to watches, the word classic has different meanings. This watch is a perfect description of classic; round design and a no non-sense display in crisp black and white.

Reliable Name

Longines has a worldwide history in providing a reliable range of watches since more than 180 years. Only those manufacturers stay who give the best products to their consumers.

Quartz Watch

The Quartz crystal of Longines Gold Plated L47092112 Watch is meant to give the most accurate time and this watch ensures that you get the best in quality. With proper maintenance and care, this watch does not lose or gains seconds and provide with the appropriate time management that you have always wanted.

Water Resistant

The luxury products require extra care and maintenance. But this one doesn’t, it is water resistant to a depth of 30 meters. So do not worry if you splash water or any liquid on it, grab a piece of cloth or tissue and wipe it off.

Beautiful Piece of Jewelry

The gold color has a significant aesthetic appeal. It allures the on goers with its ethereal glow. This watch is nothing less than an expensive beautiful piece of jewelry, which captivated everyone with a luxurious appeal.

No Non-sense Display

The luxury watches should be of aesthetic build, and yet look elegant. The sports watches are designed as chronographic so it gets easier to keep time. This Longines Gold Plated L47092112 Watch is a genuine classic, with a no non-sense design. The crisp white display has roman numerals, which only tell hour times. There are no seconds or minute separations.

Luxuriously Gold Plated

Gold is an expensive material and you seldom get accessories with gold plating. This watch is 18k gold plated and ensures that you get an out of the world feeling while you wear it. An expensive piece of jewelry that you can afford.


The vintage stuff is for the tasteful people, and for those who can afford expensive pieces. The commoners need products, which fall in their budget. Longines is a luxury brand, which has a history of making extraordinary crafted watches. A Swiss watch, which is analog, sapphire glass and gold, plated to perfection; is no way in a commoner’s reach. The reliable Swatch product will prove as a suitable investment for those who have extra money.

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  1. i have a longniess watch that was invoiced on 7 of april 1966 originally the serial number 13442305 idenifies a longiness mechanical manually wound movement caliber370.and invoiced to longiness-wittnauer which was the agent for usaand i am trying to find out what it is worthround face with square inside.i can not found my mondel online i hope you can help here is some number on the watch k7655-2-11d this was a servied number and 5325097 is a us referenceand serial number 13442305is on the inside

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