Review of Casio A168WG-9 Vintage Gold Metal Illuminator Chronograph Alarm Watch for Men

Casio is a very well known multinational company specialized in manufacturing commercial and consumer electronics products. The company has introduced a number of electronic products like calculators, digital cameras, musical keyboards and wristwatches. Casio is one of the pioneers of quartz analog and digital watches. Vintage gold men’s illuminator watch is one of the best timepieces the manufacturer has delivered to the society. The vintage design, luminous digital display, chronograph and alarm functions and accuracy of the time are the key features of this model of Casio digital watch.

Description and Specifications of Casio A168WG-9 Vintage Gold Metal Illuminator Chronograph Alarm Watch

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Brand: Casio

Model: A168WG-9

Vintage Design

Casio gold metal illuminator watch models the traditional design of the company. This vintage design of the watch is the design that is and will always remain in trend. The small golden dial with digital display and all of the features mentioned on the face of the dial represent the true traditional design of the watch.

Digital Watch

Casio vintage gold watch is a digital watch that shows time in numbers instead of rotation of the arm. It is very easy to see time in this watch as time is shown as simple digits. The time is shown in hours, minutes and seconds. In addition the date, day and any alarm set is also shown on the screen of the Casio vintage digital display watch with the help of digits and letters. The time, date and other functions of the watch are set with the help of side buttons.

Water Resistance

Casio illuminator vintage watch is the timepiece men will love to carry along everywhere. They can even enjoy a recreational swimming and water splashes wearing this watch without any fear as this Casio watch provides a protection up to 30 meters against water.

Dial Window

The dial window of Casio men’s vintage chronograph watch is protected with mineral crystal glass. This glass protects the watch for scratches and makes the display clear for a long time. The scratches on the dial window limit the usability of the watch and the risk is high if watch is a digital watch. The mineral crystal dial window of this Casio A168WG-9 protects the display against scratches.

Top Functions of Casio Vintage Gold Metal Illuminator Chronograph Watch


Casio vintage illuminator chronograph watch does not only serve as a timepiece but also performs other functions expected from the watches in the modern time. The watch can be used as a stop watch that can measure even 1/100 seconds. Casio A168WG-9 can measure the total time, split time and the time between two intervals with a high accuracy as a chronograph. The chronograph function of the watch is managed by the side buttons. The bottom left button is used to select the function while the left button is used to start and stop the watch.

Alarm Clock

The Casio vintage men’s watch also performs the function of alarm clock. The watch can be used for daily alarm as well as hourly alarm signals. The time of the alarm is set with the help of buttons on the side of the dial and the alarm data is shown on the screen of the dial.

EL Back Light

A back light in Casio illuminator men’s watch illuminates the dial of the watch whenever needed. The light can be on and off with the help of the top button on the left of the dial. Casio uses EL (Electroluminescence) back light that features colored phosphors instead of heat that is very thin and lightweight. The light generated in the Casio illuminator watch is even due to this phenomenon.

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