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What Are Gold Plated Watches?

Watches are no more a timepiece these days, but a fashion symbol. The watches industry has gained much popularity due to the innovation in the design and functions of watches. Market is over flooded with the watches of different brands varying in not only design but also color and functionality. Both men and women can enchant the audience by a charming branded watch in their hands.

Gold color has always been very attractive to the people of different ages. Holding a gold colored watch around the wrist enhances the look of the wearer to many folds. This look is more glamorized if the watch is gold plated.

Gold Plated Watches, very common in fashion, are the watches that are coated with a thin microscopic layer of pure gold by the method of electroplating. The watches are made of some other material like copper or silver and then these are covered with a very thin film of pure gold to give it a solid look like gold. Gold plating gives a very attractive finish to watch that is made of a solid material. The main benefit of gold plating is that you can get an accessory having a look of pure gold but at a cheap rate. If you need information about gold plating pricing then read How Much Does it Cost to Gold Plate a Watch.

Top 5 Best Selling Gold Plated Watches

Here are my recommended top 5 best selling gold plated watches:

1- Casio A168WG-9 Men’s Gold Band Illuminator Chronograph Alarm Watch

Read Full Review of Casio A168WG-9 Watch Here

2- Henry Jay Mens 23K Gold Plated Specialty Aquamaster Dive Watch with Date

3- Totally Iced Out Pave Gold Tone Hip Hop Men’s Bling Bing Watch Under $20

4- Fossil Riley Gold Plated Watch For Women

Read Full Review of Fossil Riley ES2811 Rose Gold Tone Watch Under $100

5- Michael Kors Women’s Parker Two-Tone Watch MK5896

Types of Gold Plating done on Watches

Image for Article About How Much Does it Costs to Gold Plate a Watch

Cost to Gold Plate a Watch

The layering of gold over the watches is a deliberate issue as it is tricky to cover all the areas especially pushers and dial boundary. Two different techniques are used for this purpose to have work done perfectly:

Immersion Electroplating

Immersion electroplating is a simple process in which the object like watch is immersed in a solution containing gold. The gold from the solution displaces the outer surface of the object and a thin layer of gold is successfully placed on the watch in this way. This method is beneficial only for small objects as large objects are hard to dip in the solution.

Brush Gold Plating

Brush gold plating is although not a common technique for electroplating watches but still it is a good option to cover all of the area of the object. In this type of electroplating the gold in combination with a hardening solution is applied to the surface with the help of a brush. The brush plating has a benefit of making a number of desired layers of gold over the watch. Brush electroplating is a good option for both small and big objects.

Autocatalytic Gold Plating

In the field of metal finishing the concept of autocatalytic gold plating is new but more suitable. Autocatalytic gold solution is basically acts as reducing agent and when the watch is dipped into this solution the layering of gold continues to displace the surface of the watch until the object is removed or gold is depleted in the solution. This method is

Why Gold Plated Watches Are Good And in Fashion?

Gold plated watches are very popular and appreciated by the groups of all ages. These watches are specially blessing for men who unlike women have no other accessory to glamorize their look at special occasions. Gold plated watches are a best way to fulfill your demand of a timepiece as well as to enhance your ordinary look to stylish and glamorous look.

1- Classy look

Gold plated watches give a classy look to the wearer. It was a time when watches were only for single purpose of showing time but with the advent of time this industry flourished so much that it became a fashion symbol. The addition of gold plated watches to this industry truly changed the meaning of wearing a watch. The stylish gold color brightens the look of the men, women and even kids.

2- High Status in Low Rate

Gold is been considered a status symbol since always. It is not affordable for everyone to have a gold watch to meet the status in the society. But the gold plated watches have solved this problem for the sect with low incomes. Gold plated watches are so reasonable in price that almost in range of everyone. Thus one can maintain the high status in a low budget.

3- Long Term Value

Gold plated watches have a long term value. This feature makes these watches preferable over others. The rate of wear and tear of gold plated watches is very low as compared to solid gold or gold toned watches. Gold plated watches can maintain their look and finishing for a long time if used with care.

4- Meets the Changing Trends

Fashion industry is flourishing so vastly that no trend lasts for a long time. To meet these changing trends it is better to buy gold plated watches rather than of pure gold. Thus watch connoisseurs can meet the demands of the changing trends. Gold plated watches are especially beneficial for those who get bored of same style after some period.

What Are Different Types of Gold Plated Watches

Gold plated watches are very famous among men, women, teenagers and even kids. Gold plated watches are so much diversified that they fulfill the need of every single person. One can find a gold plated watch in the market as per his needs and style.

1- Gold Plated Wrist Watches

Image of Michael Kors Women's MK5128 Rose Gold Plated Watch

Michael Kors Women’s MK5128 Rose Gold Plated Watch

Wrist watches are the most demanded gold plated watches of all the times. A man with style can understand that a wrist watch adds much more than it is supposed to. A variety of gold plated wrist watches is there for the watch connoisseurs to decorate their wrists. Gold plated wrists watches come in different styles with respect to size, shape, strap and dial. One famous brand is Peugeot women’s wrist watches with and without gold plating.

A watch lover can have a gold plated watch with a bracelet or strap; a round, rectangle or square dial; one push button or flip over clasp; mono chrome or two tone gold plating and inner dials for days, dates and stop watch. The watch seeker can have a wide range of gold plated watches as per his demands. You can see my Michael Kors boyfriend watch review, as this is one of my favorite write watches.

2- Gold Plated Pocket Watches

Pocket watch is the oldest style of watch that is in fashion since last 50 decades. Gold plated pocket watches are round shaped small watches that easily fit in pocket. Sometimes pocket watch has a chain associated with it to hang it over the pocket. Pocket watches have undergone some changes with the passage of time and can be characterized in 5 different types.

Gold plated pocket watches come in different styles. Some pocket watches have an open face an need no cover to be removed to watch time while some have a protective cover over the dial. In some pocket watches the cover is of crystal that helps both in protection as well as ease to see time with no cover to remove. Some pocket watches also allow the user to remove the back cover of the pocket watch to track its mechanical movement while in some pocket watches the back cover holds a window that help in mechanism tracking without removing back lid.

3- Gold Plated Sports Watches

Sports watches are designed specially keeping in mind requirement of different sports. A huge selection of watches is available to fulfill demands of those having active life style. Gold plated sports watches have embedded features like monitoring heart rate and tracking GPS.

i) Chronograph Sports Watches

Front View of Michael Kors Rose Gold Plated Chronograph Ladies Watch

are the watches used in sports for the first time. A variety of events like racing and cycling can be timed due to the chronograph function of these watches. Chronograph gold plated watches consist of one or more sub dials to start or stop the second hand to use it as a stop watch. The sub dials on the chronograph gold plated watches can be easily adjusted with the watch pusher and is capable of measuring even 10th of a second.

ii) Diver Gold Plated Watches

are specially designed for swimming and sea diving with features of shock and water resistance to hold the deep sea pressure, unidirectional rotation bezel to time the leftover oxygen in oxygen tank, and a bright luminescence to have light in the dark. Diver watches are also referred as Marine watches. Checkout Invicta Gold and Black Automatic Japanese 8929OB Watch For Professional Divers.

iii) Pilot Gold Plated Sports Watches

or equally ergonomic watches are specially designed to assist the pilots to fulfill their navigation demands. Gold plated Pilot watches are designed so that these can even perform all of the necessary calculations required by flight plan. That is why these watches are also known as aviator watches as these assist the aviation plan of a flight.

4- Quartz Gold Plated Watches

A perfect choice for those who do not compromise on the consistency and accuracy of time is gold plated quartz watch. Unlike mechanical watches quartz watches do not require any manual winding or contact with body to work. Gold plated quartz watches use a vibrating crystal mechanism that is activated with the help of a battery. This crystal approximately vibrates 33 times in a second and makes hands of hour, minute and second to move. Quartz watches are more accurate, more reliable and more consistent but expensive as well.

5- Two Tone Gold Plated Watches

The term Two Tone for watch refers to a combination of silver and gold plating. This admixture of silver and gold has set new trends in fashion for both men and women. The combination of these two colors makes this watch suitable for both casual and formal occasions as well as with all types of apparels either casual, semi formal or formal. Two-tone watches were at the peak of popularity in 1980s but afterwards its use was relatively limited. Now in run time these two-tone watches are again in demand as earlier.

6- Gold Plated Watches for Men

Gold plated watches are a blessing for the men as they have no other accessory to brighten up their look. A man with a stylish and elegant branded gold plated watch can easily attract the opposite he wants to. Men can find a number of options of watches as per their needs or event. We have reviewed some top selling gold plated watches for men in this section.

Men can find a fully gold plated watch with gold plated dial and gold plated dial case for an official business meeting or formal gathering. A watch with gold plated dial but leather strap can be a good option for men for casual outings in jeans and t-shirts. While a gold plated watch with a combination of silver in strap and dials meets both the casual and formal needs of the wearer. Also the fashion lovers can find a stylish bracelet in place of strap either fully or partially gold plated.

7- Gold Plated Watches for Women

Women are always very crazy to look unique in a gathering no matter casual or formal. Women look for matching accessories with their dresses like bags, shoes, ear rings, rings and bracelets. No matter how much they accessorize themselves the need of a stylish watch remains still. The famous brands have introduced a variety of stylish gold plated watches to satisfy the modern demands of the women. Women can find the gold plated watches with stylish bracelets, chains, dials and functions. Checkout some classy gold plated watches for women. Some of my favorites include Michael Kors gold bracelet watch and rose gold Michael Kors watch MK5263.

8- Gold Plated Watches for Kids

The style and fashion is not only limited to the men and women. The kids also have a sense of what they are wearing or what the trend is. The children both boys and girls love to accessorize them with a watch as their parents do. This demand of children is fulfilled by different brands that have made stylish and friendly gold plated watches for kids. These watches are mostly digital watches for the convenience of the kids. Although these watches are gold plated in the same way but have limited functionality than that of the adult watches.

What are Famous Brands of Gold Plated Watches?

Many famous brands have earned a good reputation in the world of watches. All these brands have done excellent work in the field of watches that these watches are now a step ahead from timepiece.

1- Rolex Gold Plated Watches

Rolex is the leader of advancement in the field of wrist watches. The watches of Rolex are undoubtedly most elegant and perfect timepieces. The Rolex introduced many new features in the wristwatches; water proof dial case, date feature and dual time zone (GMT capable timepiece). Rolex watches are so versatile design wise that these accommodate the taste of everyone. Rolex gold plated watches are considered as a symbol of excellence and status. And undoubtedly earn the regard for the fortunate wearing it.

2- Citizen Gold Plated Watches

Image of Citizen Eco-Drive Men's AU1062-56G Axiom Gold Tone Watch on Wrist

Citizen Watches For Men

Citizen is a well-known name in the field of watches. Citizen is the one among the Japanese largest manufacturers of wristwatches. It can be undoubtedly said that Citizen is the leader in the technology and introduces many new techniques in watches like Eco Drive that works on solar energy, Diver watch that can bear the pressure of deep sea, Satellite wave that can catch satellite signals, Promaster that is light dependent and independent of battery. Citizen has a variety of watches like analog, digital and chronograph. Do you need some cool watches for you man? Checkout Top 3 Citizen Gold Plated Watches For Men, especially Citizen AU1062-56g Eco Drive Axiom gold watch and Citizen AG8322-50E Watch.

3- Timex Gold Plated Watches

The classic Italian design combined with the German engineering is the trait of Titan. Titan is the known brand of USA and famous for delivering high end watches to watch lovers. Timex has been satisfying the needs of the individuals of all ages for a long time. Timex gold plated watches come in a huge variety with fully gold plated design, with leather straps or in two tones.

Timex has a great collection of watches covering needs of the different groups like fashion followers can have Quartz collection of Timex, Ironman collection entertains the fitness conscious while the adventurous individuals can enjoy the Expedition collection of Timex.

4- Casio Gold Plated Watches

Casio is a Japanese company having a big name in the manufacturing of different electronic products but the watches of Casio are more in demand than other items. The craze of Casio watches is increasing day by day since ages. The gold plated watches of Casio are same in demand as other casual watches. The brand has introduced an innovative concept of connecting watches with smart phones. The pioneer brand who introduced GPS atomic solar watch is none other than Casio.

5- Omega Gold Plated Watches

Omega has given the world progressively advanced watches since 1885. The standard of accuracy that these watches maintain is so well reputed that these watches are accepted as official timekeepers of the biggest game events, Olympic Games. It is fully justified to say that Omega is the brand expert in manufacturing most iconic and functional sports watches. The durability and precision of Omega watches are unquestionable. Omega appeals a variety of audience with its broad stylish, durable and highly functional watches. The gold plated watches of Omega are also a great attraction for the watch lovers of all ages.

Other popular brands of gold plated watches include:

What is the Average Price Range of A Gold Plated Watch?

Gold plated watches are originally made of some other material than gold like copper, silver or stainless steel. These metals are then electroplated with a thin film of gold. This is the reason gold plated watches are least expensive than gold watches. The price of the gold plated watch depends upon the base metal as the coating of gold is too thin to be expensive. A gold plated watch with silver base is more expansive than with copper base and stainless steel based watches. Additionally the prices of gold plated watches also vary with the brands. Most popular the brand, highest the price is. Checkout my review about Michael Kors Gold Plated Bracelet Watch under $200.

The price of gold plated watches ranges from a few hundred dollars to thousand dollars depending on the brand. For example Michael Kors MK5128 watch price is around $175.

Price Comparison of Silver, Gold Plated and Real Gold Watches

It is an open secret that silver is a cheaper metal as compared to gold. That is why the watches made in silver are least expensive than the solid gold or gold plated watches. The prices of gold watches are higher while the prices of gold plated watches are in the middle and the prices of silver watches are lower than the both.

The silver watches can easily be found within the range of $1000 while the range of gold plated watches starts from $100 to $ 40000 and the gold watches fall between thousands to lacs dollars.

How to Find Best Quality Gold Plated Watches

A great variety of watches exist in the market manufactured by different manufacturers. Although many known brands have occupied the watch market that are providing quality products to the watch lovers. But still it is not easy to find a best-branded watch as many fake manufacturers cheat the customers with their fake products. These products are so near to the original product that you are not assured to have right product even after paying higher amounts. Only following some precautionary steps you can save your money very easily.

a) Inspect the Seller

It is a good measure to always deal with trustworthy seller especially when buying expensive products. Gold plated watches are easily approachable in the markets both physically and online, but it is good to buy it from the seller who has a good repute as a seller. This point becomes more evitable when you are having an online transaction. To avoid any fraud while buying a watch online it is suggested to choose a vendor you are already familiar with or at least check the reviews and rating of the website or online vendor.

b) Electronic Test

Electronic test is a very simple and easy way to test either the watch is genuine gold plated or just gold toned. This is done by checking out the watch under special light. The thin film of gold can be easily seen under this light. It is a safety measure if the buyer asks seller to perform this test before making any financial deal. But there is a very little chance for this testing as all the sellers do not maintain the testing machine with them.

c) Know About the Product

“All that glitters is not gold”. Thus the buyer must have an idea of difference between gold plated and gold toned watches. Plus he must also gather a complete detail about the product he is going to buy. He must gather all the required knowledge about the model he wishes to buy along with the repute of the watch company and the seller. It is best if you take a keen look over different options and then decide the right one.

d) Search the Company’s Official Sites

Social media is the backbone of the business these days. It is a very cheap and reliable way to sell and buy all kinds of products from a needle to branded watch. All branded watch manufacturers publicize their products on their official websites with complete description and price. This helps the customer in finding a good watch according to his desire and budget.

e) Check Finishing of the Gold Plated Watch

Gold plated watches since contain only a thin layer of gold but still their look is too refined to compete with real gold. Thus a good gold plated watch must have an even and fine finishing to be considered as a good watch.

f) Focus on the Dial

Dial of a watch is the key feature of a watch. Strap or bracelet of the dial can be replaced but the dial shows the worth of the watch. The buyer must consider some points while buying a gold plated watch related to dial. The dial must be genuine with the logo of the company, the numerals or markers must be uniform, other details on the watch must be printed as obvious as numerals and printing of the dial must be clear. A crooked logo, uneven tracks, blotchier printing and asymmetry of the dial shows a fake gold plated watch.

g) Inquire from Friends and Family and Check Previous Customers Reviews

Sometimes the buyer has no exposure to the details to be minded while buying a watch. In such case it is a wise decision to talk to some of your friends or relatives who has a sound experience in this field. He cannot only help you to choose a right seller but also a right product as per your budget. Gold toned watches are sometimes taken as gold plated by the new buyers. It is suggested to have opinion of some person who has some know-how about gold plated watches.

For more information you can visit our tips about gold plated watches section.

Where You Can Buy Gold Plated Watches Online?

The best and most reliable place to buy gold plated watches online is Amazon.com. Amazon provides a variety of gold plated watches covering all major brands with discounted values and guaranteed shipping.

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